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NonStopMoment (EP)

by D'Anthony T.

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released January 1, 2017



all rights reserved


D'Anthony T. Los Angeles, California

Hailing from California with roots from Guam, D'Anthony T. produces hip-hop, folk, pop, and synth music.

He is also 1/2 of the world saving music duo D'Anthony Starlene.

Influences: Nujabes, Nas, Sarah Mclachlan, The Cure, J. Dilla, DMB, The Matrix, De La Soul, and New Edition
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Track Name: Autobiographical
(this is NonStop)

givin' you some audible treats for this evening........yes

you know we gonna try somethin' a lil different on this record
(this is NonStop)
kinda different beat, a lil different style, (uh uh)
but check it

pull the curtains up
masquerade ball in session
NonStop's throwin' heaters microphone profession
and reppin', the underground music hybrid-elite
concentrated on production with perfection of speech
(the truth is)
i'm not hardcore with a tech-nine
never owned a gun before but i've seen hard times
i'm on a warpath feelin' the wrath of ignorance
tomahawk dome-fitted c.n.s. feelin' this (uhh)
my personalities laid back and laughin'
poetry's the passion and tropicals my faction
melanin bronze brown brother from Guam
you can separate the place never sever the bond
worldwide geographical, monotones natural
word pad written Autobiographical
large livin' with a vision sippin' SoCo and coke
picture perfect reminiscin' about the days i was broke

yeah, this is how we do it at the CornerHouse
(this is NonStop)
just keep vibin'

i can't afford Versace, or that fine linen
underwear for a grand, fuck who u kiddin'
livin' lavish is a dream international cream
so gratuitous in nature but it's part of the scene
grapple hookin' on the present cause the future's comin'
can't forget about the fresh air of barbecues and watermelon
crazy kids runnin' round missin' one tooth
makin' waves of disaster with their water gun blaster
i sport zori, kukui shells, Chamorro lingo
love bein' single Auntie Jackie playing bingo
it's like this, family priceless i know this
throwin' up a brown fist Freestyle on my wrist
generatin' the next power movement
NonStopMoment, intellect that's soothin'

and there you have it, know what i'm sayin'

like i told you before.........Pacific Cadence
that's the future of music, so listen up
when we comin' to your town, don't sleep
(this is NonStop)

(this is NonStop)